Planned Giving – Wills and Bequests



‘Planned Giving’ describes a wide variety of donation options that are planned by donors for the future. While annual UIA contributions reflect the deep desire of contributors to respond immediately to the pressing needs of the State of Israel, planned gifts, such as bequests and Endowment Funds, are established as momentous gestures that reflect the donor’s vision and commitment to the future wellbeing of the State of Israel.


Wills and Bequests – Your Personal Legacy to Israel

By leaving a bequest to Israel you first and foremost help secure her future. You make statement of faith in Israel’s future and set an example to friends and families. In taking this step you also guarantee that your name will be remembered in Jerusalem for posterity.

Writing a will gives you control over how your estate is distributed and ensures that your assets are apportioned according to your wishes.

In the absence of a will, the state may decide on the allocation of your assets, without regard for your interests or wishes. Writing a will, however, is more than just distributing assets. For many people, it is a deeply personal statement of their life-goals and values. It is also an opportunity to pass your commitment to Israel on to the next generation and set an example to your friends and community.

In the past, a Jewish tradition existed of leaving children ‘ethical wills’. In these wills parents would inscribe the moral guidelines and life-paths they wished their children to follow. Today, perhaps more than ever, it is important to set an example of support and commitment to Israel, for future generations to follow. There are few more beautiful ways of achieving this, than by remembering Israel through a statement of material commitment, in your final Will and Testament.

Where the Money Goes

The legacy can be used for any of the Keren Hayesod-UIA projects in Israel or the Jewish world, or can be used to establish a perpetual Fund which will provide support for Israel in perpetuity.

Please contact the UIA office on (08) 9275 1186, fax (08) 9375 3353, or email [email protected] for more information on bequests.

Global Endowment Program

This program is designed to ensure a permanent and perpetual source of funding to help meet the present and future needs of the State of Israel. This will not only go a long way to assist in preparing for emergency situations, but will also allow us to provide permanent annual support to finance our vital activities, both now and in the future. The initial donation is usually substantial and is immediately invested. Revenues generated from the invested principal are distributed annually. One of the Endowment Programs in the Grandchild Endowment Fund.

Annuity Endowment Funds

Annuity Endowment Funds are specially designed for people who wish to create a Keren Hayesod Fund, but are not in a position to forgo the income they would normally receive from the capital.

An Annuity Fund offers the opportunity of receiving an annuity (annual income) whilst making a significant commitment to the future welfare of the people of Israel. This Fund can be established with a minimum of US$50,000. This can be paid in liquid or fixed assets and may be given in a one-time payment, or over a period of time. Annuity rates are based on the age of the beneficiary at the beginning of the annuity period. Only one beneficiary is permitted for each Annuity Fund.

Trust fund contributors can receive up to 11.5% fixed rate of return on their gift, guaranteed for life. At the end of the annuity period, the principle becomes a permanent Endowment Fund, dedicated in the contributor’s name. Annuity funds are not tax deductible.