UIA raises funds to facilitate the following:

Securing the Future for New Immigrants

Bringing a substantial number of Jews to live in Israel, including the rescue of Jewish communities at risk, as well as general aliyah, and ensuring their successful integration and absorption into Israeli Society.

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Securing the Future of Israel’s High-Risk Populations

Helping close social gaps – between new immigrants and veteran Israelis and between Israel’s social and geographic periphery and its centre – by providing equal opportunities for disadvantaged populations.

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Securing our Future as a People through Jewish / Zionist Education

Building the centrality of Israel for the Jewish People worldwide. Connecting the next generation in the Diaspora with Israel as a core part of the Jewish identity. This involves cultivating Jewish identity among the next generation and developing the future bonds between the Diaspora and Israel.

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Contributions to the United Israel Appeal Refugee Relief Fund in Australia are tax-deductible.